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As a therapist and researcher of collaborative processes, I offer services that empower groups and people in their processes of experiencing life with authenticity and freedom.


Individual and Group

With the approach of Sufi psychology, occupational therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Family Constellation, I support people in processes of self-knowledge towards the development of authenticity and of Being.


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Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a phenomenological approach developed by Bert Hellinger, which understands that behavioral patterns may have roots in family systems. Everyone is part of a family system and is connected to it by bonds that often go unnoticed, generating conditioning and patterns in opposition to a creative and vital force that drives life. Present problems or illnesses may be linked to unresolved conflicts in past generations that persist over time. Bringing clarity and understanding to the family, social, and cultural history, considering the invisible chains that bind us and the possibilities of release, allows for a broader vision for resolutions. Family constellation sessions can be conducted either in group settings or individually, offering support in addressing a wide range of issues such as psychological problems, illnesses, challenges in couple dynamics, work-related issues, financial matters, familial conflicts, and organizational concerns, among others.

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Constelação Familiar
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For companies and projects that need a broad and systemic view that improves the quality of teamwork, enhances the construction of collaborative projects and resolves conflicts, I offer specific consulting, workshops on methodologies and practices. It is a work that supports people and teams in their development and in the cultivation of social interactions full of trust and purpose.

  • Systemic Intervention [more]

  • Turning Point [more]

  • Reframing Conflicts [more]

  • Facilitation of Collaborative Processes [more]


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Dragon Dreaming

Individual therapy offers support for a person to delve inward and become aware of the conditioning, traumas, and hidden aspects of themselves that prevent them from fully engaging in life and discovering new ways of living. Through attention and self-observation, the process of self-awareness will provide access to various internal resources, allowing one to live more fully with oneself and with others.

The group provides the support in which interactions occur, enabling work on oneself in relation to others, seeing oneself through others, sharing beauties and pains. Listening and exchanges in the group promote self-awareness and personal growth in an environment of trust. A group space allows emerging affective and emotional qualities to generate meanings for personal development.

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Dragon Dreaming
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