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I am what life has been offering me as an experience since October 1979. I grew up in a normal Brazilian family, with issues like any family. My personal search for self-knowledge and spirituality is the main support for my work with people. From Sufism, which I discovered in 1994, I received a lot of knowledge that I apply in my personal and professional life, such as the spiritual enneagram.

I love studying various and broad subjects. I am an occupational therapist and I specialize in human development; neuroscience and behavior; integral sustainability; integrative therapy and Gestalt therapy. I am also a family constellator, Dragon Dreaming trainer and facilitator of collaborative processes.

The beginning of my career as a therapist was marked by meeting and caring for people confronting death. I worked in processes of neurological rehabilitation and thanatology. Through this experience I learned how to deal with people getting to know their weaknesses, fears, doubts as well as the wonder of the human ability to overcome difficulties. I currently work as a psychotherapist, facilitator and international consultant in the field of creativity and development of human potential with a focus on releasing collective wisdom.

This integration of therapy and projects is due to the incredible potential of collaborative processes for personal development. In this context, I can contribute to the improvement of relationships, individual development of participants and achievement of project objectives.

The body for me is the master key to connection on all levels. I use my skills and learnings to be of service. Conscious body, meditation and spontaneous movement are practices that support the search for identity and consciousness through attention to mental and emotional presence.

I believe the world will be better when people are healthy, enjoy their talents and are recognized for their contribution to a healthier world. Life is a gift and it is possible to take care of life by becoming aware of yourself and your place in the world.

[Raízes Project]


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