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Awaken Collaboration and Achieve Extraordinary Results

Discover the Transformative Power of Dragon Dreaming

Are you ready to dive into a universe of collaborative creation and achieve your goals in an exceptional way? Access the exclusive ebook "Dragon Dreaming: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Collaborative Projects".

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About the topic

What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming is more than a method; it is a philosophy that revolutionizes the way we approach collaborative projects. This approach goes beyond traditional frameworks, inspiring co-creation, innovation, and the achievement of goals with a shared sense of purpose. By adopting Dragon Dreaming, you will enter a world of creativity and deep connections, leading to results that exceed expectations.

Dragon Dreaming is the key to

unlocking the hidden potential

of your projects.

Benefits of the Dragon Dreaming Knowledge

Experience a revolution in the way you carry out projects with Dragon Dreaming


Here are some testimonials of transformative experiences gained during the learning of Dragon Dreaming.

With Dragon Dreaming I had some very different perceptions of what a collaborative process is within the theory or even what I thought a collaborative process was. And my AHA moment came because I didn't know that I didn't know that the collaborative process...

Complete testimonial

Danielle Morrealle - Advertising professional and Entrepreneur 

Invest in yourself, your team, and your projects.

From R$97 for R$0


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn and apply the Dragon Dreaming methodology and transform your collaborative approach.

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Who is the Author?

Lizandra Barbuto

My journey with collaboration began in 2008, driven by a desire to innovate in team work. At that time, I learned about the available approaches, such as Theory U, World Café, Open Space, through practical experience. Integrating these approaches with my therapeutic background, I worked with groups in organizations and communities—as I am convinced that it is through relationships that we can develop and improve.

In 2011, I met John Croft and in the following year we began working together, integrating our experiences and developing new possibilities for applying Dragon Dreaming in collaborative processes.

My Master's research was on the historical, philosophical, and methodological foundations of Dragon Dreaming. I was able to find unpublished documents in Australia, and countless conversations with John helped me organize the foundations that structure this knowledge. In practice, through 12 years of facilitating groups and teaching Dragon Dreaming in various cultures and applying it in my own projects, consistently witnessing its potential to transform dreams into reality.

This extensive study and practical experience confirmed that creativity and purposeful achievements flourish when the collective works through collaboration. I believe that the world will be a better place if everyone can offer their talents and receive recognition for their contribution. I’ve found out that life is a gift, and taking care of this gift is the best way to enjoy it. Becoming aware of ourselves, of our place in the world, and dialoguing with it is part of a fulfilling life.

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